The University of Vienna stands with Ukraine

Front view of the main building of the Univertsity of Vienna with a Ukrainian flag

The University of Vienna stands with Ukraine

The University of Vienna stands with the Ukrainian people. On this website students, prospective students and researchers find collective information and help.

Statement of the University of Vienna:

UniVie stands with Ukraine

The University of Vienna stands with the Ukrainian people in defending their freedom and democracy. We pay respect to all those people in the Russian Federation who oppose the criminal policies of their government. We stand in solidarity with our colleagues and the students of Ukraine and take measures to support them.

UniVie steht hinter der Ukraine

Die Universität Wien steht an der Seite der ukrainischen Menschen bei der Verteidigung ihrer Freiheit und der Demokratie. Wir zollen all jenen Menschen in der Russischen Föderation Respekt, die sich gegen die verbrecherische Politik ihrer Regierung stellen. Wir stehen solidarisch hinter unseren ukrainischen Kolleg*innen und Studierenden und setzen Maßnahmen, um sie zu unterstützen.

Віденський університет підтримує Україну

Віденський університет підтримує український народ у захисті його свободи та демократії. Ми віддаємо належне всім тим людям у Російській Федерації, які протистоять злочинній політиці своєї влади. Ми солідарні з нашими українськими колегами та студентами та вживаємо заходів для їх підтримки.

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Keynote speech of Ukrainian scholar Cyril Hovorun

zerstörte Fahrzeuge vor einer Kirche in der Ukraine

On 16 October the Ukrainian scholar Cyril Hovorun gave a keynote speech as part of the Dies Faultatis of the Faculty of Catholic Theology. The speech was held in English, the title was "Deus ex machina of the war in Ukraine".

Book presentation "Kyivan Christianity"

a collection of books

On 5 October 2023 the Faculty of Catholic Theology was organizing a book presentation titled "Kyivan Christianity". The event was arranged in cooperation with the Ukrainian Catholic University and included a series of books (30 volumes) and guest lectures (also from Ukraine).

Kharkiv-Vienna International Science School 2023

Participants of the International Mathematical Olympiad 2023 from more than 35 countries will attend the Special Lectures organized by Projekt MmF. Each lecture consists of a 90-minute-introduction to an exciting area of mathematics. Some lectures will include open research problems that you can run your teeth into. Each speaker will take time to answer your questions and discuss with you after their lecture. The Special Lectures are held online and will be given in English. They are aimed at top-achieving high school students. Participation is by invitation only.

Symposium "Humanity and humanities"

Front view of the main building of the University of Vienna

The Humanitiät und Humanities (humanity and humanities) symposium aimed to present and discuss the main challenges posed by the war in Ukraine for the humanities in two panels and a round table discussion. Based on the example of the Ukrainian Chernivtsi National University, whose main building is listed as a UNESCO world cultural heritage site, the symposium addressed questions of digital transformation in the protection of cultural heritage items, of humanitarian and civic engagement based on academic networks and of the positioning of researchers in the public discourse about the war in Ukraine. The event was taking place on 8 May 2023, from 10:00 to 15:00 at the Sky Lounge (12th floor) at Oskar-Morgenstern-Platz 1. The talks were held in German.

Panel discussion: Ukraine outside-inside

The panel discussion "Ukraine outside-inside. politics, churches and media during war" was taking place on 2 May at 18:00 at the Deanery Boardroom of the Catholic-theological faculty. The discussion was joined by Karl Habsburg, Kerstin Susanne Jobst, Wolfgang Mueller and Thomas Mark Németh under the moderation of Eva Maria Hoppe-Kaiser. A small reception followed.

Workshop "Ukraine’s Cultural Heritage in Europe Dissemination, Preservation and Inclusion"

Painted picture with three persons

A workshop about the Ukrainian artistic heritage, its importance in the European context and
the importance of its preservation was taking place on 21 April at the Künstlerhaus (Karlsplatz 5). The event was the result of a cooperation between the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine, the University of Vienna's Department of Art History and the NGO Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA NGO), Ukraine.

Exhibition "Unissued Diplomas"

Poster of the exhibition

The University of Vienna hosted "Unissued Diplomas", an exhibition marking one year of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine. The exhibition featured 24 diplomas issued posthumously to students from Ukraine who were killed by Russian aggression since 24 February 2022. They represent unfairly taken young lives whose dreams remained unfulfilled. Each diploma uncovers a personal story about an education, life goals, and changes in the past year of those who will never graduate. The exhibition was  placed in front of the main university library entrance from 17 April to 28 April.

CS4Peace - Charity concert

People at a concert CS4Peace

A charity concert for peace in the Ukraine was taking place in the Carl Auer von Welsbach lecture hall (located at the Chemistry Faculty). It was organized by the student representatives of Computer Science and Chemistry together with the research group COSY. Students, lecturers & friends performed their music together to make a statement against war and raised funds for Ukrainian refugees.

One year of war in Ukraine: What was and ist to be expected

Porträtfoto von Wolfgang Mueller

Wolfgang Mueller, professor of Russian History at the University of Vienna

One year ago, the Russian full-fledged invasion of Ukraine began. Since then, war has once again become a topic in Europe. Wolfgang Mueller is professor of Russian History at the University of Vienna and in this interview talks about where the Ukrainians' extraordinary defiance comes from and what the war means for Europe's self-image.

A year of war in Ukraine: Psychological effects and support

the main building of the University of Vienna in the colours of the Ukrainian flag

Traumatic experiences, such as wars and other disasters, increase the risk of becoming mentally ill. Brigitte Lueger-Schuster, psychotraumatologist at the University of Vienna, shares results from her research and effective exercises for a stable everyday life and support on the website of the University of Vienna.

"Mein Weg" - mentoring programme for Ukrainian students

Bemalte Steine mit Schriftzug Never give up Ukraine

Students from the University of Vienna are offering Ukrainian students support in the University Preparation Programme of the Vienna Universities and the University of Vienna. This takes the form of the evidence-based Mein Weg (my way) manual and its application during group meetings to cope with stress and problems.

Learning with and from Ukrainian adolescents

Gruppenfoto gemeinsam mit ukrainischen Jugendlichen

Two weeks after the escalation of the war against Ukraine on 24 February 2022, in the project Mathematik macht Freude (mathematics is fun, MmF) the so-called Ukrainian Support Team was formed by Ukrainian and Austrian stakeholders to support Ukrainian students and teachers who have been displaced and are now in Austria.

Argia and Antigone performance and donations for Ukraine

Students perform Argia and Antigone

Teachers and students from the University of Vienna have rehearsed and performed together the anti-war play Argia und Antigone oder das Lied von Theben. During the third performance of the play on 24 February 2023, which also marked one year of war in Ukraine, the theatre group also asked the audience to donate to Doctors without Borders and Nachbar in Not.


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